Workshop: Getting started with Sitecore personalisation 

How to deliver an end to end personalisation strategy from planning, implementation through to measuring success

A question which we get asked weekly is how can we leverage the Sitecore Experience Platform to deliver personalised experiences for our website visitors.

The answer is more complex than to just start personalising. 

During this workshop, we will provide a complete overview of our approach to defining, delivering and measuring an end-to-end personalised digital experience along with practical steps to help you get started on your journey. 

During the workshop we'll be covering: 

Who to personalise for: how to identify high value customer segments

What should we be personalising: we will run through how to create a personalisation hypothesis plan

How to measure success: deploying personalisation is one challenge but what positive effect is it having on your audience. We'll show you how this should be set up.

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Douglas Morris, director of digital optimisation, Ratio

Implementing in Sitecore: Setting up personalisation in Sitecore, how and when to deploy personas 

Scaling personalisation: you've started your journey, you're seeing results but you've hit a metaphorical personalisation wall. We'll be covering how to scale your efforts to achieve a whole lot more.

Date:  Wed 12th Sept | Time: 10:00-12:30 |
Location: CitizenM Hotel, London, EC3N 4DJ

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Please note this event is free to attend for client-side marketers.  We are unable to accept registrations from digital agencies, students or recruiters.

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Mario Kyriacou, Managing Partner, Ratio

Steve Renshaw, Managing Partner, Ratio


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